Instructional Resources Graphic
Instructional Resources Graphic

Important Articles

As a Riverdale community member, there are several articles you should be familiar with. These will help you navigate our different systems and access common school resources.

Teaching Tools

We subscribe to many different types of software and applications to support teaching and learning at Riverdale. Some of the most popular ones are listed below. If you have questions about any of these tools, reach out to a member of the Tech Team by submitting a ticket or dialing x50 from any campus phone.

Tools for Projects

If you're looking to increase engagement or redesign projects to become more student oriented, check out our tools and resources below. Student have access to all of these resources on and off campus (for homework and off campus projects)! For brainstorming ways you can build this into your curriculum, talk to either Matthijs or Matt on the Tech Team.

Veracross Guides

We use Veracross at Riverdale to maintain student records. Throughout the academic year, you may be asked to write updates for a student or group of students. The articles below will help guide you in the right direction! Reach out to a member of the Tech Team or your department head if you have specific questions about these processes.

Still have questions?

Look at the full list of articles below or find a member of the Tech Team for help. Either submit a ticket, visit us at the help desk in the cafeteria, or dial x50 from any campus phone. If there are tools not listed here that you would like to use or are interested in, reach out to Mr. van Mierlo or Mr. Ringh to help you look into those tools or good alternatives.

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