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SummaryUse the AV equipment in the science building AV room
AuthorMaintained by Derek Smith
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

Instructions for the Science AV Room equipment

For viewing and listening to source material from a computer, DVD/VCR, or Apple TV

  • Locate the APC device on the second shelf. Press the center On/Off button (red arrow below) to turn on all the devices. It will take a minute or so for the all the devices in the rack to power on.
  • Locate the Outlaw device on the top shelf. Press the Standby button on the left to power on the device once it turns blue.
  • Choose a source: Computer, DVD/VCR player, or Apple TV - by repeatedly pressing the Input button (under the big volume knob) on the right side of the Outlaw device. TV HDMI 1 is for the Projector; DISC HDMI 2 is for the DVD/VHS player; GAME HDMI 3 for Apple TV.
  • The DVD/VCR remote is sitting on top of the DVD/VCR player. Please return it to this location when you are finished using it.
  • Lower the projection screen using the toggle switch on the wall behind the component rack on the left. The screen will descend and stop by itself at the correct position. Likewise, the screen will ascend and stop by itself when fully retracted.
  • Press the power button on the projector remote. Note: point the remote at the back of the projector. The remote is in a holder on the black metal cabinet to the left of the computer presentation table. When the projector is powered down, the green LED will blink slowly. When the projector has been turned on, the LED will blink faster. When the projector is running, the LED will be solid. Please put the remote back into the holder when you are finished!
  • Adjust the volume of the audio program using the knob on the Outlaw device.

For listening to an audio-only source (no video) from a iPhone/iPad/Computer audio jack

  • Connect the music device to the headphone cable hanging on the right side on the back of the rack.
  • Make sure the volume setting on the music source device is down to ½ full volume.
  • Select the AUX source by pressing the Input button (under the big volume knob.)
  • Adjust the volume level on the Outlaw device.

When you are finished

  • Raise the projection screen - do not leave it down as it is easily damaged.
  • Use the power switch on the APC device on the to power down the rack components.
  • All devices will shutdown within 30 seconds.
  • Power off the projector. Note: point the remote at the back of the projector.

Quick Instructions

  • Second Shelf > APC Device > Turn on power with center button
  • First Shelf > Outlaw Device > Turn on power with Standby button
  • Outlaw Device > Select source using Input button under knob:
    • Computer input > TV HDMI 1
    • Play DVD/VHS > DISC HDMI 2
    • Connect with Apple TV > GAME HDMI 3
    • Play Audio device > AUX
  • Outlaw Device > Set audio volume with knob on right side
  • Lower/Raise projection screen > Toggle switch on back wall behind AV components
  • Turn on projector with remote

Make sure to turn everything off when you are done, raise the projection screen, hang the computer cable on the loop, and put the remotes away.