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SummaryRequest access to blocked websites (GoGuardian and Fortinet)
AuthorMaintained by Jeremy Martinez
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

Riverdale Web Filters

Websites are blocked to protect Riverdale users from inappropriate content, phishing websites, and other potentially unsafe or sensitive content. We have several mechanisms setup to protect Riverdale users on campus including the ones listed below. Always remember to follow our Acceptable Use Policy as outlined in this article here.

First Layer

GoGuardian (Student)

GoGuardian is installed by default on all Riverdale-owned Chromebooks. This web filter/monitor allows school administrators to control what websites and services middle school students access while on and off campus (using their school provided Chromebook). If websites contain explicit content or language, alerts are sent to the student's dean(s) as a precaution. This allows deans and school administrator to follow-up with students if necessary to inform them of why websites were blocked and to instill good browsing habits.

If a website is blocked by GoGuardian, student's will see a screen that resembles the following. If a website should be allowed for students, submit the website information in a Tech Ticket so that we can review it and work to make it accessible to middle school students as appropriate.


GoGuardian (Parents)

GoGuardian Parent allows parents to control and monitor their middle school student's browsing activity off campus. Some parents may find this useful, and if websites are blocked by families, students will encounter similar messages (as above) if trying to visit a restricted website. More information about GoGuardian Parent can be found on our howdoi page and here in their support article.

Second Layer

Fortinet Firewall

Riverdale uses Fortinet as our primary firewall. As an academic institution, Riverdale blocks certain websites school-wide regardless of one's grade level or role at the school. If a Riverdale community member is browsing and encounters a screenshot like the one below, then they visited a website that is not allowed by our firewall policies. If you need access to a certain blocked website for work at Riverdale, then you can submit the website information in a Tech Ticket so that we can review it appropriately.