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SummaryHow to print posters and large format photos
AuthorMaintained by Matt Ringh
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

Large Format Printing

This page will help you successfully print to the large format HP DesignJet Z9+ Printer in the Lindy Lab, including how to add the printer.

How do I install this printer

If you have a Mac laptop, this printer can be installed through the Self Service App.

Print Settings

Note: The following directions assume that you are printing the PDF in the application Preview.

Once you've selected the printer "H_Lindy_Large_Format", match the settings below to print full page posters.

Preview (Settings to change)

Paper Size: 24”x36” (ARCH D) – Borderless

Scale Mode: Scale to Fit

Scale to Fit Mode: Print entire image

File:Presets 1.jpg

Main (Settings to change)

Media Type: Canon Semi-GlossyPhotoPaperHG255

Print Quality: High(600dpi)

Large Format 2.jpg

Releasing the print

Once you've printed, there will be a bit of a delay while the print "spools". Once this has spooling is finished you may see a message like this:
Held.png or Release Station Queue.png

You must release the print job via PaperCut, our networked print spooler. This prevents waste of such expensive resources.

Any Science, Art Department, and Technology Department faculty members can release a print job to the large format printer.

How to Release (For Science and Art Department Faculty, and members of theTech Department)

To release from Computer

To release from Mobile Phone

To go straight to the Lindy Large Format printer

  • Remember, only Science and Art Department Faculty, and members of theTech Department can release prints.

Print vs Override

Override gives you the option to "charge" a particular department.