Adjust Audio Levels on Projectors

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SummaryRaise or lower the volume when using an RCS projector
AuthorMaintained by Derek Smith
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

Adjusting sound in classrooms

Projector Volume

When you're connected by the USB-C cable to an Epson, NEC or other projector in a classroom, you will need to adjust the volume using the volume buttons, as seen in the image below of an Epson-branded remote:

Epson Volume Buttons.png

AppleTV volume

When you're using the Apple TV, the volume is controlled by both the slider on your laptop as well as the volume buttons on the projector remote. Please check to make sure that both your laptop and the projector have the volume set to a reasonable level, and neither are muted.

Troubleshooting sound issues in the classroom

  • Make sure the volume isn't muted on the source site (YouTube, for example).

Muted in YouTube.png

  • Raise the speaker volume using the remote control for audio coming from your computer. The volume control on your laptop is disabled when using an Epson projector through USB-C/HDMI.
  • Navigate to System Preferences > Sound and make sure the Output tab is set to the projector (Epson PJ) or your classroom's Apple TV. It should not be set to "Internal Speakers".
  • If you're connecting your laptop or ChromeBook through the USB-C Cable, make sure the audio plug is not connected. This will help ensure that the audio from your device is the audio sent to the speakers.
  • NOTE: Most 3.5mm, or headphone cables of this kind were disconnected and removed from classrooms during the summer of 2020. If you see these cables connected, please unplug them.

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Please Submit a Tech Request, or call X50, for more help.