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Article Summary Year
Access WeVideo WeVideo allows you to record, edit, make, and share videos for class or projects 2023-2024
Use Autocrat with Google Sheets Use Autocrat to generate documents, PDFs, and emails with spreadsheets 2023-2024
Access GeoGebra GeoGebra is a gree online tools for graphing, geometry, regression, and probability 2023-2024
Access Pear Deck with Google Slides Pear Deck makes your Google Slides interactive to use in the classroom 2023-2024
Access Adobe Express With Adobe Express you can make quick graphics, slides, and videos 2023-2024
Access Swank and Kanopy Stream films in class using Swank and Kanopy 2023-2024
Access Library Resources Find and use Riverdale library resources 2023-2024
Master remote learning?
Access Dyknow Curate online classroom experiences for MS students 2023-2024
Request Pro Accounts for Kahoot and Quizlet Request an account upgrade for more features 2023-2024
Capture Leica Microscope Photos Leica DM500 microscope allows you to capture photos and stream microscope slide content 2023-2024
Access and Add Riverdale Calendars Access and Add Riverdale Calendars 2023-2024
Get a list of Riverdale Google Calendars Access Riverdale Google Calendars 2023-2024
Get Riverdale Tech Help Get tech help at school 2023-2024
Access Canva Make posters, presentations, and more for your classes 2023-2024
Access Lucidchart and Lucidspark Create flowcharts and digital collaboration spaces 2023-2024
Access Turnitin Draft Coach Run originality reports on Google Docs 2023-2024
Access DigiExam DigiExam is a browser-based secure exam too which allows teachers to create and distribute an assessment 2023-2024
Access Schoology Schoology is our LMS, use this article to learn about settings, configurations, and more 2023-2024
Access Padlet Collaborative discussion boards for your classes 2023-2024
Access Nearpod Make interactive and engaging presentations for your classes 2023-2024
Access Blooket Engaging games and quizzes for your class 2023-2024
Access Flip Facilitate engaging online discussions for your classes 2023-2024
Access SMART Notebook Request, install, and activate SMART Notebook 2023-2024
Link Multiple Class Sections in Schoology Handle multiple sections of the same class easier by linking them in Schoology 2023-2024
Restore Google Data How to recover deleted or corrupted files on Google Drive 2023-2024
Set Up a Chromebook Some tips to get started with your RCS Chromebook 2023-2024
Submit Technology Check Requests Submit check requests for pre-approved school technology and services 2023-2024
Manage Emails from Google Groups Reduce or stop Google group emails from invading your inbox 2023-2024
Access Academic Testing Calendars The Testing and Major Student Deadlines Calendars are our list of all major assessments for Hill students 2023-2024
Access RCS Hill and River Visitor Calendars When a visitor is scheduled to arrive on the Hill or River campus someone(the person arranging this meeting) needs to put it in the correct calendar. 2023-2024
Add Recurring Meeting Links to Veracross How to create recurring meeting links and add them to Veracross classes 2023-2024
Access and Use Google Meet Google Meet is video conferencing software used at the Hill and River campuses 2023-2024
Access NoodleTools NoodleTools is citation management software for research projects 2023-2024
Manage Remote Parent-Teacher Conferences (MS/US) How to use Google Meet for Riverdale Parent-Teacher conferences 2023-2024
Create Google Appointment Calendars Google appointment calendars can facilitate scheduling meetings with community members on and off campus 2023-2024
Create Mail Merge Learn about mail merge tools commonly used at Riverdale 2023-2024
Capture and Record Screen Content How to capture and record screen content on multiple device platforms. 2023-2024
Schedule Delegate Video Calls Schedule video calls in Google Meet and Zoom for other people 2023-2024
Open Local Office Files in Google Chrome Access many of our RCS applications with a single log-on 2023-2024
Access Riverdale Newspaper Subscriptions Access the NYTimes and WSJ for your work at Riverdale 2023-2024
Access Sora Library Resources Access Sora Riverdale and Hudson Valley library resources 2023-2024
Join Class Meeting Links Join recurring class meeting links from Google Calendar or Veracross 2023-2024
Create, Maintain and Use MS/US Readers How to manage Google Doc readers at Riverdale 2023-2024
Use Generative AI Tools A resource for those wanting to venture into the world of genAI 2023-2024
Access Flint Access Flint Generative AI at Riverdale 2023-2024
Understand Privacy Policies Understand the important pieces of privacy policies for apps and websites at Riverdale 2023-2024