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  • Director of Technology
  • Riverdale Country School

Articles maintained by Jonathan

Article Summary Year
Get my academic schedule in Google Calendar We create events in your Google Calendar for every single class and meeting time that shows up in your printed schedule (for MS and US courses only). Seriously. 2020-2021
Take my data with me when I leave RCS? There is a lot of work done in Google Apps that graduating seniors, and staff leaving Riverdale, would like to "take with them". This article explains how you can accomplish this. 2019-2020
Check my attendance record How a student checks their own attendance record 2019-2020
Stop using Microsoft Office or upgrade to the latest version How to stop using Microsoft Office 2019-2020
Enter attendance? How to enter student attendance 2019-2020
Get help? How to get Tech help. 2020-2021
Enter student updates? How to enter student updates 2019-2020
Enter Interim Reports? How to enter interim reports 2019-2020
Get remote tech support This page is intended for students and faculty during scheduled remote learning at Riverdale. 2020-2021
Improve my home office situation inexpensive items to improve your home work situation 2020-2021
Submit a technology purchase or upgrade request? Instructions on how to request new, upgraded, renewed technology hardware or services 2020-2021