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Articles maintained by Derek

Article Summary Year
Use RCS Shoebox? This page is for Riverdale-specific information about the setup and use of Shoebox for archiving documents, images, and videos. 2021-2022
Raise/lower the sound when I connect to the projector? This page will help you adjust the volume (and troubleshoot sound issues) while connected to a projector. 2022-2023
IPad, iPhone, iOS Devices 2022-2023
Project in the classroom/theater? How to connect your device to RCS projectors and displays. 2022-2023
Use the blue Snowball microphone A short description with instructions about the Blue Snowball microphone and its incredible usefulness 2022-2023
Use AV Equipment in Arts and Drama Classrooms 2022-2023
Phonak Audio Systems 2022-2023
Use the Hill MPR A/V System? The Hill Multi Purpose Rooms are primarily used as a single meeting space with two projectors and screens displaying a single presentation source connected to one of three possible input panels on the West, Center and East locations; or through Apple TV. 2022-2023
Science AV room Instruction Guide This page will help you use the AV Equipment in the Weinstein Science Building AV room. 2022-2023
JRJSC Conference Room AV Instruction Guide This page will help you use the AV in the John R Johnson Student Center Conference Room (the Egg). 2022-2023