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=== Updating your Zoom Client ===
How to update:
* Mac: You can find the new version of the Zoom client in SelfService
* All other clients (Non-Self Service Macs, Windows, iOS) can find instructions for updating their Zoom client [ here].
==Scheduling a Zoom Meeting==
Also helpful is Zoom's [ 44:00 Webinar on using Zoom in Education]
=== Zoom April 8 In-Meeting Security Controls ===
These controls include:
* '''Lock Meeting''': Locks the meeting, keeping new participants from joining the meeting.
* '''Enable Waiting Room''': Enables Waiting Room for incoming new participants or to move current participants into the Waiting Room.
* Allow (or dis-allow!) participants to:
** '''Share Screen''': Allows participants to start Screen Shares
** '''Chat''': Allows participants to use the chat function.
** '''Rename Themselves''': Allows participants to rename themselves from the Participants panel.
We made a [ short video] to explain these controls if you learn better by listening and seeing.
==Muting/Unmuting Audio and Video==


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