Raise/lower the sound when I connect to the projector?

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Summary.png This page will help you adjust the volume (and troubleshoot sound issues) while connected to a projector.
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Adjusting sound on Epson BrightLink projectors

When you're connected to the Epson BrightLink Projector via HDMI, you will adjust the volume using the Epson Remote control volume buttons, as seen in the image below.

Epson Volume Buttons.png

When you're connected to your projector via Apple TV, you can control volume using either your laptop (or ChromeBook) or the Projector remote.

Troubleshooting sound issues

  1. Make sure the volume isn't muted on the source site (YouTube, for example).

Muted in YouTube.png

  1. Raise the volume using the remote control for your projector.
  2. Navigate to System Preferences->Sound and make sure your "Output" is set to your projector or your rooms Apple TV. It should not be set to "Internal Speakers".
  3. If you're connecting your laptop or ChromeBook through the HDMI Cable, make sure the audio plug is not connected. This will help ensure that the audio from your device, is the audio sent to the speakers. If you have trouble with audio, read the article "How do I raise/lower the sound when I connect to the projector?"

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Please Submit a Tech Request, or call X50, for more help.

Connecting your phone to play audio files

Iphone headphone pic.jpg

Only use the audio plug when you want to play music from your phone. In this case, it doesn't matter if the HDMI cable is also plugged in and you adjust volume from your phone. If you're unable to get the volume level you like from the phone controls, submit a tech request, and we'll adjust the volume on the speaker.