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Call x50!

Call from any campus phone and all of our Tech phones will ring simultaneously. We'll help by phone or come running if you need us. You can also leave a voicemail that will go straight to a Web Helpdesk ticket marked as Critical.


The easiest way to send in a written request. You'll actually get faster service if you do this rather than e-mailing your favorite tech. Your ticket will be automatically set to Medium priority.

Submit a Tech Support Ticket

Web Helpdesk is our web-based method for logging a tech support request. This system enables us to keep better track of support requests and provides you with email feedback on the progress of your support tickets from initial submission to final resolution.

You can read through the short introduction below, or just submit a tech support request to dive right in.

Ticket priorities and our response times

Below are the list of priorities which are found under the "Status & Schedule" section of the ticket. Each priority determines the sense of urgency in resolving a ticket. We may change the priority you put on a ticket

Priority Default Due Date We will assign the ticket within... We will be in touch within...
Low 3 months one day one week
Medium 5 days one hour one day
High 1 day half hour half hour
Critical 5 mins a minute or so 5 minutes


Log in to WHD with your Riverdale domain username and password.


User Options


  • Request - Brings you to the Help Request screen.
  • History - Shows you a list of all the cases you have created and allows you to make comments and act on cases still open.
  • Assets - Shows you all assets assigned to you. Uncheck "Reservable," then click "Search."
  • FAQs - Shows you answers to frequently asked questions.
  • User Profile - Allows you to change information about your WHD profile. This information should not be modified.

Help Request screen