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SummaryLearn about the steps we take to create accounts for new employees
AuthorMaintained by Rob Shin
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

Overall Process for New Hires

  1. New employee submits a signed contract to Human Resources (HR)
  2. HR creates a Veracross record for new employee [Day 1]
    • Technology/Registrar are automatically notified of the new Employee record overnight
  3. Registrar reviews the record and enters information into Veracross (Ex: schedule) [Day 2]
  4. Technology creates accounts for new employee [Day 3]
  5. Technology will send account information to the new hire
    • The email new users receive directs them to our Getting Started Guide, and asks them to fill out a computer-request form and contact their supervisor from their new account.

New Faculty Members Automatically Receive the Following

  • Active Directory account (Okta, WiFi, printing)
  • Google Account (Email, Calendars, Drive, Groups, etc.)
  • Schoology account =
  • A listing in our Emergency Notification System

New Employees that are Hired During the School Year

The supervisor can ensure an RCS account is created by creating a support ticket:

  1. Log into
  2. Create a new ticket
  3. Select Provisioning
  4. Select Employee User Account

New Students for Upcoming Academic Year

  • Students enrolled for the coming school year will have accounts created automatically.
  • This is typically done in the middle of August

When an Employee Leaves Riverdale

We ask the supervisor to fill out a ticket for EACH departing employee so we can process appropriately:

  1. Log into
  2. Create a new ticket
  3. Select Provisioning
  4. Select Employee User Account
  5. Select Deactivate employee user account
  6. Please fill out the questionnaire (one per employee). This creates the ticket so we can process the departing employee's account properly.