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Articles maintained by Rob

Article Summary Year
Perform a Tune-up on my Mac Show some love to your Mac by giving it a tune-up OR visit the help desk and we’re happy to help you out! 2022-2023
Understand the user account lifecycle Hiring a new employee? Go to the section of this document that corresponds with his/her start date. Wondering about a new/visiting/exchange student? Those details are here as well. 2023-2023
Access my domain files remotely This page describes how you can access your Riverdale server files from home. 2023-2023
Install RCS-provided software on my Windows PC? Follow these directions to request software for your Windows machine. 2022-2023
Setting / Changing Your RCS Passphrase Tips and requirements for coming up with your RCS Passphrase. 2022-2023
Use Sophos to protect a computer Sophos Endpoint Protection makes it simple to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and other endpoint threats. 2022-2023