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Summary.pngThis page is intended for students and faculty during scheduled remote learning at Riverdale.
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Remote support policy

We will provide our best effort support to students at home, both for school-owned and family-owned devices. In many cases, this should start as a support ticket and may escalate to a remote viewing session in which we walk you through solving an issue. If that doesn't work, we may request access to remote control the device with your permission. Our last line of support for failing hardware is for you to ship it back to the school. Please note that in many cases of hardware issue on family-owned devices, we'll suggest you go to the manufacturer or reseller for support on the physical hardware.

Level 1: Phone/Email based support

If you are having any issue with your device please choose one of the options below. We will respond as soon as we can. Please be sure to include your preferred method of contact.


  • Please do NOT email one of us directly, you will get the fastest service via a tech support ticket!

Level 2: Remote viewing using Google Meet or Zoom

An RCS technician will create a calendar invite with a link to provide remote support.

  • Google Meet is the tool we will use to video conference during remote assistance and viewing your screen. This is also the tool some teachers will use to hold class or have a virtual check-in with students. Click here for more details on Google Meet.

Level 3: Remote control

If we need to be hands-on (i.e. control your computer) we will ask you to use Chrome Remote Desktop.

For information on how to Set up remote access to your computer or Sharing your computer with someone else, please see the documentation provided by Google.

Level 4: If the device damage and/or we can't fix it remotely

If the issues experienced on a school-owned device cannot be solved via remote support, we request that you ship the device back to the school.

  • Step 2: We'll ship you a device with a return shipping label and ask you to use the shipping box to return your damaged device to us.

How to get Asset and/or Serial info

  • Asset numbers are located on the barcode affixed to the back or bottom of a school-owned device, they are typically 4-5 digits.
  • For the serial number on macOS go to the Apple Menu > About This Mac and the serial number will be at the bottom above the System Report... and Software Update... buttons.
  • For the serial number on iOS devices, go to Settings > General > About, and the serial number will be under the model number.