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Articles maintained by Jeff

Article Summary Year
Reserve a room or resource in Google Calendar How to reserve a room or resource (including a laptop or iPad cart) in Google Calendar. 2018-2019
Enable/disable call forwarding on my phone How to enable/disable call forward on my phone 2018-2019
How to send a fax How to send a fax 2018-2019
Update my voicemail greetings? How to setup and access your voicemail. 2018-2019
Use RCS Google Groups? Use RCS Google Groups 2018-2019
Restore Google data? if your Google user data is deleted or corrupted, you can restore it immediately. 2018-2019
Use the Hill Writing Center appointments calendar This calendar allows you to book an appointment in the Writing Center. 2018-2019
Add a Riverdale calendar (of any type -- event, room, or resource) to my own calendar How to find RCS Google Calendars, including room and cart reservations. 2018-2019
Use the Hill Visitors calendar When a visitor is coming to the Hill campus, you must alert our Security team by creating a calendar event for the visit. 2018-2019
Get a list of Riverdale Google Calendars A list of most RCSs Google Calendars, links to them, and information about who manages them and who can access them. 2018-2019
Use the Hill MS Testing or US Major Student Deadlines Calendar The Testing and Major Student Deadlines Calendars are our list of all major assessments for Hill students. We use them to help balance our students' major commitments. 2017-2018
Send a broadcast message using School Messenger? The School Messenger System allows school administrators to communicate announcements to members of the RCS community through an automated voice messaging system. 2019-2020
Send an Email on behalf of a Google Group (to reflect the group's email address.) Learn how to send as a Google Group reflecting the groups email address. 2018-2019
Use myRiverdale (aka Okta)? Provides secure identity management and single sign-on to many RCS applications and services. 2018-2019
Creating, Managing, and Moderating a Google Group
Yet Another Mail Merge Instructions How to use Yet Another Mail Merge in Google sheets 2018-2019
Google 2 Step Verification 2-step verification adds an extra layer of security. 2018-2019
Get help from Google Links and resources for Google Apps for Education, and other things Google can tell you. 2018-2019
Use Ruvna as an Admin Ruvna replaces your paper and clipboard rosters during times of crisis. This article takes you through login and use. 2019-2020
PA Paging System How to use the PA systemR. 2019-2020