Submit Technology Purchase and Upgrade Requests

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SummaryInstructions on how to request new, upgraded, renewed technology hardware or services
AuthorMaintained by Jonathan King
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.


In order to carefully consider all requests, we ask every user to fill out the "Technology purchase or upgrade request" form (linked from the "All RCS" menu on the Employee Portal).


This will create a request in our system. One of our technology specialists will review the request and touch base with you to make sure we fully understand and to clarify as needed. You can expect initial contact in just a few days, and a decision is often determined within a week. Please be on the lookout for our communication to ensure the process moves smoothly!

What we ask

We ask you to deeply consider the following before putting in the request:

What are you trying to accomplish?
Be verbose! We want to know the juicy details: is this a problem that needs solving, a new thing you want to try out, or something else? The more we know the better we can help you meet your goals.
What new or updated software/hardware are you considering/requesting?*
Please be clear on WHO it's for (students/faculty), WHAT it is (including manufacturer, product name, reseller, etc). Sample answer: I want to give every student in 10th grade music an iPad to take home for the month of February that has these apps on it and an Apple Pencil so they can mark up musical scores and compose their own music. OR: I need a new iPad with more storage for my video work in iMovie.
How is this an improvement on currently available options?*
We wish we could, but we can't fund everything! If there's an available option that solves your issue, please anticipate that we'll suggest you use it :) (Just leave blank if you don't know what's currently available)
Who have you collaborated with already? What did they think?*
Have you talked to one of our Academic Technology Specialists? Other faculty? Co-teachers? Dept. Chair? someone else? Do they support this idea? What kind of feedback have you gotten to home this request?
How can we help you determine if this is successful?*
If you like the results, you're likely going to ask us to renew/replenish/repurchase. How will we all know that this was a good use of RCS funds and should be continued?
Are there any downsides you can predict now?*
Tell us about any issues with this approach so we can work with you to mitigate them so this can be a success story!