Submit Student Forms (Medical, Trip, Interval)

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This article includes instructions for how parents can submit various student medical and other Documentation to the school using the Parent Portal.

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SummaryDirections on submitting student forms using the Parent Portal
AuthorMaintained by Jen Davenport
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

Getting the Upload Links from the Parent Portal from a mobile device





Getting the Upload Links from the Parent Portal from a Desktop or Laptop

  1. Login to the Riverdale Parent Portal
  2. Navigate to "My Children" in the top menu bar.

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  3. You will see a "Student Files" link for each of your enrolled children.

    Covidtest parentportal2.png

  4. Choose the "Student Files" Link for the child you'd like to upload results for.
  5. Choose the appropriate upload link for the test type or documentation you are uploading by clicking the "View" button.

    Covidtest parentportal3.png

Using the Upload Forms

The forms we supply are pre-filled. Please do not attempt to modify the pre-filled information as it may cause your submission to not process properly. Please only modify the date and other submission fields below the student information fields.


Getting Help

If you have trouble performing the steps above, please email and we'll help sort out the issues.