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== No personal accounts, please. Only use RCS Email linked Zoom accounts for Riverdale work ==
If you choose to use Zoom, and you happen to have a personal Zoom account (i.e. one tied to a personal/non-RCS email account), we ask that you don't this personal account for instruction at Riverdale. Please only use your Riverdale Zoom account for all interactions at Riverdale.
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== Zoom Clients == ===New to Zoom (Mac)? - Installing Zoom via Self Service===
If you're new to Zoom, and you're using a Mac Laptop, you can install Zoom through Self Service. If you don't have Self Service on your Mac, read [[Enroll in Self Service|this article]] for instructions on how to enroll.
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===New to Zoom (Windows)? - Installing Zoom===
You can install Zoom from the [ Zoom Download Center].
=== Using the Web Client ===If you are on a computer, but do not want to install the Zoom client, you can use Zoom from your web browser. After you're prompted to download the client, you should see a link at the bottom of the web page, allowing you to go to join the meeting in the browser.<br />[[File:ZoomWebClient.png|none|thumb|500x500px]]<br />== Scheduling a Zoom Meeting ==
Zoom has a great overivew on scheduling Zoom meetings here:
'''Key Features of the Zoom for GSuite Add-On'''
#Schedule a Zoom Meeting with details from an email, automatically adding the topic, attendees, and attachments based on subject, recipients, and sent documents.
#Automatically add Zoom Meeting details to your Google Calendar invitation with 1-click
#Customize meeting options like join with video on, join with audio muted, join before host, and more.
#Simplify the administration of Zoom to your whole organization with a centralized deployment and an easy installation process.
#Click Send to send the invites.
#Guests will receive an email with the event information and a link to the video meeting.
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