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Summary.png Hiring a new employee? Go to the section of this document that corresponds with his/her start date. Wondering about a new/visiting/exchange student? Those details are here as well.
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Overall Process for New Hires

  1. New employee submits a signed contract to the Finance Office
  2. HR creates Veracross record for new employee
  3. Registrar reviews the record and enters information into Veracross (Ex:schedule)
  4. Technology department is automatically notified of the new Employee record when the script runs overnight
  5. Technology department creates accounts for new employee (excluding phone extensions)
  6. Technology department will send account information to the new hire and/or primary department chair/supervisor

New Faculty Members Automatically Get the Following

  • Active Directory Account (computer logon, WiFi, Schoology, and MyRiverdale access)
  • Google Account (GMail, Calendars, Drive, Groups, etc.)
  • Schoology account: learning.riverdale.edu
  • A listing in our Emergency Notification System
  • VoiceMail-only phone extension with VoiceMail-to-Email enabled

New Employees that are Hired During the School Year

  1. Open a ticket @ https://support.riverdale.edu
  2. Select Tech Support (Exact)
  3. Select Need Something New?
  4. Select New account creation request

New Students for Upcoming Academic Year

  • Students enrolled for the coming school year will have accounts created automatically.
  • This is typically done in the first two weeks of August

Lifecycle of Accounts for Departed People

This spreadsheet outlines the various timelines for folks that have departed RCS...


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