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Summary.pngHow to request, install, and activate (or re-activate) SMART Notebook Software.
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2022-2023.pngUp-to-date for the 2022-2023 school year.

If you're using, or looking to use, SMART Notebook software, we have licenses. Here's how you can request a Notebook license, install the software, and activate it.

How to activate/reactive SMART Notebook before (or after) it expires

If you already have SMART Notebook installed, and you're seeing a banner warning of an approaching expiration date, here are the steps to take to activate our newer license:

Step 1 - Click on the SMART System Menu button in your Menu bar (Mac), or in the Windows Notification Area (Windows). Select "Check for Updates and Activation".

1 SMART System Menu - Check for Updates.png

Step 2 - Select "Add".

2 Software Activation-Add.png

Step 3 - Enter the Product Key NC-2ACSQ-B6HRG-X8BAE-S4AAA-AAA and click "Add". Tick the box to "accept the terms of the license agreement", and then click "Next".

3 Add Prouct Key.png

Step 4 - Select "Submit Request Automatically", and "Next".

4 Submit Request Automatically.png

Step 5 - Confirm that it now reads "Activated" and that it has the new expiration date of 6/30/25, and click "Finish".

5 Activated and correct date.png

How to Request, install, and activate SMART Notebook

Step 1 - Please complete the "Technology Purchase or Upgrade Request" form found here.

Step 2 - Once approved, you will; go to the SMART Notebook Downloads page, fill out the required fields, choose your OS, and download the software.

Step 3 - You will then install the software. During installation, you may be asked for a product key. If you are, please enter the product key (NC-2ACSQ-B6HRG-X8BAE-S4AAA-AAA)