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SummaryAccess and use JotForm for sending and collecting different forms
AuthorMaintained by Jen Davenport
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

Sometimes, someone who owns a JotForm may want to share access to the JotForm with others on a trip or project.

In all cases, the collaboratee (the person who does not own the form) will need to create a (free) JotForm account with their email address, if they do not already have one. While most folks who deal with JotForm regularly have paid accounts, we've found that free accounts, thus far, are sufficient for collaboration on most routine form tasks

Sharing the visual display and form functionality

To collaborate with a colleague on the visual display and configuration of a form, use the "Add Collaborators" link at the top of the Form Builder and send the collaboration link to your colleague.

JotForm Add Collaborator.png

Sharing the form response table

To share form responses, navigate to "Tables" in the form.

JotForm Tables.png

From the Tables view, click the "Share" button:

JotForm Tables Share.png

Include the email of your collaboratee in the Share and Invite area. Always start with Read Only - and move upwards only as-needed:

JotForm Tables Shareandinvite.png

  • The person needs to click on the link in the invitation email to view the tables and download PDFs/files.

If you need to share single or bulk downloading capabilities

Be sure to go to Share -> Sharing Settings -> Show Download button.

Jotform Share.png

JotForm ShowDownloadButton.png

How to create a bulk download of Form PDFs

Enter the PDF Editor area of the form:

JotForm PDFEditor.png

*Ensure the Show Download Button ticked in setting if you're sharing this capability with a colleague.
JotForm PDFEditorDownloadAll.png

Choose Download All if you're downloading all PDFs for the form.

My Downloads aren't generating in JotForm

You'll have to clear your browser cache to the beginning of time.