Use 3D Printers at RCS

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SummaryUse 3D Printers at RCS for your teaching and classes
AuthorMaintained by Matt Ringh
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

There are four 3d Printers on the Hill Campus. There is an Ultimaker 2 on the 2nd floor of 9/10, there are two Sketch Printers, by Makerbot, in "The Nest" (room 1003), and the is a Makerbot Replicator 2 in the Lindy Lab (room 6210). These printers all use PLA filament, and are available for student and faculty use. We ask only that the print file be either an original design (designed in TinkerCad, for example), or a re-mixed/edited design of something you've downloaded (from Thingiverse, for example), or something you need for class. Some potential uses of 3D printing include:

  1. Students can print out prototypes and 3D models of designs
  2. Visual Arts students can print out 3D versions of their artwork
  3. Geography and Outdoors program students can print out topography, demographic, or population maps
  4. Chemistry students can print out 3D models of molecules
  5. Biology students can print out cells, viruses, organs, and other critical biological artifacts

Printing to Makerbot Sketch Printers in 1003

Go to Makerbot Cloud Print, and sign in with Google. Set the type of Printer to "Sketch" Select "upload" and upload a file. Supported file formats: .catpart .dae .gib .iges .ipt .Makerbot .obj .par .sab .sat .sldprt .stl .Thing .wrl .x_t.3mf Set your print settings (Supports, base layer, etc.) from the right hand menu Pint to either Carpenter_1 or Carpenter_2.

Printing to Makerbot Sketch Printers in 6210

Save a .makerbot print file to the USB flash drive that's in the printer Insert the Flash drive into the printer Select print from USB from the printer menu

Printing to Ultimaker

Make a meeting with Mr. Ringh to go over this. You will need the free Cura software to create a print file.