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What's the use of buying those movie tix on Fandango if you can't save even more time by printing them here?

Printing at school from a laptop computer you manage/control

If you need to print a document from a personal or school owned laptop you can use either of the following options

  • Self Service: Simple to setup, simple to use. The Best Option if you have an RCS-owned Mac laptop or are in the Upper School BYOD program.
  • WebPrint: Simple to setup, more work for lots of printing, intended for light/weekly printing.
  • This is a handy link to Apple for HP printer driver installation package.
  • This is a not as handy link to Sharp for MFPs & Printer drivers. You only need do use this if there is a specific driver you need to set up.

Printing from iPads, iPhones, etc.

We are in the process of investigating print services for iOS-based devices.

Printing from a RCS-Managed Chromebook

Mobility Print

To improve the printing experience for Chromebooks, we have enabled Mobility Print. Prior to Mobility Print to print via a Chromebook we used Google Cloud Print. Google Cloud Print has proven to be unreliable. With Mobility Print there is a new workflow that the students must follow.

When you print for the first time you will need to "Change" the printer to a Mobility Print enabled printer.

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 8.41.12 AM.png

You will see a whole list of printers, different than you are used to. Please scroll down to select the printer needed. The next time you print the printer should already be select like the above image.

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 8.42.03 AM.png

Note: The following should only happen once but may continue to happen every time they print.

After selecting the printer and clicking print, a new window will pop up. Here the you will need to log in with your user name and password, then click "Sign in and print".

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 8.42.24 AM.png

Your print job should be sent immediately instead of waiting next to the printer and having nothing come out.

An RCS-managed Windows desktop computer

There are several steps to setting up a printer, and you may need to follow one or more of them. Use your best judgement -- worst case, you can delete the printer and start again.

Where to Find Your Current Printers

  1. Click the Start Button Windows7-StartButton.png > Devices and Printers

    Devices and printers.png

  1. This will bring up the Devices and Printers window. This window contains all the printers you can currently use.
Windows7devices and printersclean.jpg

Setting a Default Printer

How to Add a Printer

Some printers may not get installed automatically -- e.g. you're logged into a PC in Mow but you want to print to 9/10. If this is the case, you'll need to install the printer yourself. Here's how:

First open the Devices and Printers window (see #Where to Find Your Current Printers). At the top of the window, there's a button called called "Add a Printer." Click this button.

WINDOWS7 Add a printer.png

This will open the Add Printer Wizard. Click Add a Network, wireless or Bluetooth printer. Click Next to continue.

Windows7 Add a network printer.png

The next window will contain a list of all networked printers on both the Hill and River Campus. You can sort the list by location or printer name. Select the printer you would like to install, and then Click Next

Windows7 printer selectaprinter.jpg

The first time you install a network printer, it will take a minute or two to install the drivers. Be patient as the software installs the drivers and configures the printer.

Connecting printer dialog.png

Should this be your default printer? If it should, then check the box next to Set as default printer. If this printer SHOULD NOT be your default printer, uncheck the box next to Set as default printer.

Default printer.png

If the new printer was added successfully if it shows up in your Devices and Printers window. Good job!

Deleting a Printer

If you're getting printing errors, you can sometimes resolve the problem by deleting and reinstalling a printer. To delete a printer, open the Devices and Printers window (see #Where to Find Your Current Printers), right click the printer in question, and click Delete.

If the printer was your default printer, Windows will auto-assign a new default printer. When you add the printer back in, you'll need to reset it as the default printer.

An RCS-managed Mac OS X.9 Logo.png desktop computer

You don't need to set up printers on any RCS-Managed Mac desktop of laptop -- we've done the work for you. Just click File > Print and the Print dialog box appears. A default printer is automatically chosen which is closest to your location. If your location has multiple printers available, you can select them from the drop down list. This is also handy when the default printer is broken or otherwise cannot print - just choose another printer close by.

If you can't find the printer you need or if printing doesn't work, you can always submit a tech support request.

Printers Available at the River

Note: This list includes those printers that are more generally available for printing from classrooms, laptops etc., and excludes printers that are used and maintained by specific offices or departments, and which are generally to be used only by those offices or departments.

Early Learning Building:

Location Printer Name Description
1st Floor Copy Room R_EL_Copier Mulit Function Copier
1st Floor Hall R_EL_1_Color Color Laser
2nd Floor Hall R_EL_2_Color Color Laser
3nd Floor Hall R_EL_3_Color Color Laser

Sr. Building:

Location Printer Name Description
2nd Floor Lobby R_Sr_Copier Mulit Function Copier
3nd Floor Lobby R_Sr_LRT Color Laser
Band Room R_Sr_Band BW Laser
Art Office R_Sr_Art Color Laser

Upper Learning Building:

Location Printer Name Description
UL Main Reception R_UL_1st_Fl_Copier Mulit Function Copier
UL Copy Room R_UL_2nd_Fl_Copier Mulit Function Copier

Jr. Building:

Location Printer Name Description
3rd Floor 711 R_Jr_711 Black and White Laser
Admissions Reception R_Admissions_Copier Mulit Function Copier

Basic Printer Troubleshooting

Click here for information about basic printer troubleshooting steps you can try if you are having difficulty with a printer. Paper jam, blinking lights, and/or nothing prints are some examples of basic printer issues.

If a document won't stop printing

If a job won't stop, try pressing the red "Cancel" button on the printer repeatedly, wait until paper stops printing, and then turn the printer off. (If you turn it off mid-print, paper will get jammed, and the printer won't clear itself.)

Hp Cancel Button.jpg


Once the job has stopped printing, remove the jammed paper and turn the power to the printer off and then on again.

Changing Toner/Ink Cartridges

LASER PRINTERS: Click here for information about changing toner cartridges in a laser printer.

INKJET PRINTERS: Click here for information about changing ink cartridges in an inkjet printer.