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Summary.png How to use the MiCollab Phone App.
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MiCollab for Mobile App

  • The MiCollab for Mobile App provides a suite of advanced communication features and integrates with your enterprise's call manager to provide you full control of your communication experience. Whether you are in the office or away, MiCollab Client allows you consistent full-feature access to the MiCollab unified communications and collaboration environment on a variety of devices.

Getting Started

  • You will receive a welcome e-mail message that provides your MiCollab Client login credentials, Web Client URL, and other information. Retain this e-mail message in a secure location for future reference.
  • You will also receive a deployment e-mail that contains instructions on authenticating your client with the system. The deployment e-mail contains a link to start the deployment process, an authentication code, and an option to scan a QR code to deploy MiCollab Client.

Installing MiCollab for Mobile Client

How to Make a Call

  • On the left side, tap Contacts
    • In the contacts list, tap the contact you want to call, and then select the Call icon. You can also long-tap on the avatar, and then select the Call icon.
  • On the left side, tap Dialpad
    • Dial the extension number as you normally would
    • To dial an outside number dial, the number without the 9+1.

Reference Guides

  1. MiCollab for Mobile Client Quick Reference Guide
  1. MiCollab for PC, MAC, and Web Client Quick Guide