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Zoom Meeting Policy

To ensure that all Riverdale Country School Zoom users are able to hold safe, secure, and private meetings and class sessions, we are requiring a new sign-in method for all RCS Zoom users. The new sign-in method is called “Single Sign-On” (SSO). All RCS Zoom users should start using this method to sign in to Zoom. This is being done to prevent disruptions to those events from those who are not members of our community.

Update Zoom

Mac and Windows users, please be sure to update your Zoom app regularly to have the best Zoom experience. RCS Chromebooks always have the most up-to-date version.

Authenticated users only

Students without a school account (with a personal zoom account or no account) will see a message saying that the meeting is restricted to “authenticated users”. If you see such a message, simply follow the on-screen directions to “Sign In to Join”.

  • On a Mac/Windows
  • On a Chromebook

FIRST: To activate your account, YOU MUST follow these directions just once

Web Portal Sign-On

  • Go to https://riverdale.zoom.us/signin in your web browser.
  • Select your Riverdale email address or sign on to your RCS Google Account.
    • Note: Those of you who have an existing (free) Zoom account will receive a confirmation email from Zoom requesting to switch it to Riverdale's new Zoom account.

AFTER you have Activated your account

You can logon to Zoom on the web https://riverdale.zoom.us or the Zoom desktop client using the “Sign in with Google” option when available.

Zoom application Sign-On

  • Select Sign In.
  • Enter riverdale and select Continue. Your default browser will open to the Google sign in.
  • Select Sign in with Google.
  • Select your Riverdale email address or sign on to your RCS Google Account.

Questions and Answers

How do I reach tech support?
You can email support-ticket@riverdale.edu.
How do I install Zoom desktop client and Zoom mobile app?
There are two convenient options to download Zoom client for meetings.
Install client from Zoom Download Center
From a Zoom meeting invite, download and run Zoom
Do I need to install the Zoom desktop or mobile client to participate in a Zoom meeting?
Full Zoom features are available with the install of Zoom desktop client and Zoom mobile app, however it is not required to participate in a Zoom meeting.