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Add any visible Google Calendar to your own list of calendars

To add a calendar to your own google calendar page, click its Googleicon.png button at lower right.

Find Room/Resource calendars and School calendars, and add these to your Google Calendar

  1. Go to the left hand column of your Google calendar:
    1. Navigate to "other calendars"
    2. Interesting cal.png
      Select "interesting calendars" from the drop-down menu
  2. At the top of the page that opens, select the tab that says "More"
    1. More resources.png
      Select "resources for".
    2. Hill river.png
      Select resources for either "Hill" or "River" campuses
  3. From the resulting list, choose the calendar you wish to view.
  4. Subscribe.png
    Click "Subscribe"
  5. Back to cal.png
    Finally, return to the main calendar by clicking "back to calendar" at the top of the page
See subscribed.png

The resource calendar you subscribed to will now appear in the sidebar of your own calendar under "Other calendars"

I don't have access to the a calendar that I need

Access to many of our calendars is based on your membership in the Middle and Upper School Faculty Google Groups. If you cannot see the correct calendar(s), you need to join the correct groups.

You can obtain membership as follows: First, do either or both of these:

  1. Go here for our Upper School Google Group.
  2. Go here for our Middle School Google Group.
  • If you see You must be a member of this group to view and participate in it, click Apply for membership and follow the prompts to apply for membership.
  • If you see listed topics and a search bar, you are already a member of the group and something else is preventing you from seeing your calendar, so submit a tech support request.
  • If, after 24 hours, you still cannot see these calendars, please follow up with us via your Tech Support Request.

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