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SummaryFacilitate engaging online discussions for your classes
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What is Flip

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Flip is a web-based application for students to share video responses to prompts/questions with their classmates and teachers. Students can record video responses on virtually any platform including iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. Many teachers use this to help facilitate different types of discussions since Flip allows for easy sharing, commenting, and simple video editing all in one platform.

Flip is free to use for all students and teachers! All you need to do is sign in with your RCS Google account to get started.

Flip is a very versatile tools to diversity your teaching, help students develop a sense of community, and allow students to engage beyond the classroom in asynchronous ways.

Log in to Flip

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Log in on the top right of the window
  3. Click on Continue with Google
  4. Log in with your RCS email and passphrase

Get started with Flip

Create a group

You can create a Group by clicking + Group on the left hand side of the window. Usually, for each section of a course, you will create one group. To learn more about groups in Flip, click here.

Add topics to groups

You can create one or multiple Topics in a group. A Topic allows you to create a topic/question/prompt for students to respond to. To learn more about creating topics in Flip, click here.

Add students to your group

There are two ways that you can add students to your Group. Click on the Group you want students to join. Then either:

  1. Share the Invite link with your students that can be found at the top of your Group Page
  2. Share the Join code with your students in class or on Schoology

Learn more about Flip

If you want to learn more about Flip, visit Flip's Help Center and search for your questions. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to a member of the Tech Team, we're more than happy to help!