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Articles maintained by Phyllis

Article Summary Year
Use a Chromebook effectively Some getting started tips on Chromebooks. 2019-2020
Set up a Chromebook Some getting started tips on Chromebooks. 2019-2020
Organize My Google Drive Is it taking you way too long to find something on Google Drive? Then check out the infographic below to tackle the world of Google Drive Organization and File Naming. 2019-2020
Allow students to fill out the Essay Cover Page online This document illustrates the process of posting an Essay Cover Sheet to Schoology and the workflow for students to fill out the cover sheet and combine it with their essay. 2019-2020
Get access to xxx's Schoology course If the teacher you'd like to add to your course already has a Schoology account, follow these steps. 2019-2020
Access Dyknow Are your MS students having trouble staying on task when using their Chromebooks? Then check out Dyknow an online tool that allows you to curate your students digital experience. 2019-2020
Access library resources How to to access all of Riverdale's print and digital resources, including eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive books, as well as free and paid subscription databases. 2019-2020