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Summary.png DigiExam is a browser-based exam tool which allows teachers to create and distribute an exam, and allows students to take the exam securely on their own device without that student having access to tools and web content which the teacher wishes to prohibit.
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DigiExam has taken the place of "Exam Accounts" at the Upper School. DigiExam allows teachers at the Upper School to administer an online exam to students, while preventing the test taker from leaving the DigiExam application. The application allows for Text Responses Questions (with a great word processor), Multiple Choice Questions, and Multiple Response Questions.

To use DigiExam you need to create your exam, create a Class, and create a Course. Before you begin, please contact the Tech Department to request a Teacher account. Once you have your login credentials, and you've logged in at, follow these instructions.

Creating a Class

Step 1 - Select "Groups"

Step 2 - Click "Create a Class"

Step 1-2.png

Step 3 - Name your class and select "Add Students"

Step 3.png