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SummarySend a fax using one of our RCS tools, HelloFax
AuthorMaintained by Jeremy Martinez
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

RCS retired all physical fax machines on both campuses in May of 2014 and moved to a more modern, fully Internet-based faxing service called

Who can fax?

We support faxing for work purposes. If you need to send a single fax (for RCS), you can ask an AA for assistance. If you need to send more than the very occasional fax, submit a tech support request and we can set you up with an account.

Unfortunately, we cannot support ANY private faxing. Really. Everything that is sent and received is tracked and recorded. If you want to do personal, non-work related faxing, we’d encourage you to either open your OWN account (where you get a few pages of free faxing) or use any of the many paid-for services to fax (Internet based, and at Kinko's etc.)

Sign in to HelloFax

HelloFax allows you to send a fax through the web instead of with a physical fax machine.

  1. Visit and click "Sign up with Google."
  2. HelloFax should auto log you in using your RCS credentials. If not, enter your RCS credentials, including your FULL email address (

Send a fax in web interface

* Click Send a Fax in the left column
  1. Upload one or more files you would like to fax by clicking the "Upload Files" button or by dragging files directly into the "Drag files here" box.
  2. Enter the fax number and/or email address to which you would like to send your file(s).
    • Remember to put a 1 in front for US faxing!
  3. If you want to enter a cover page including a To, From and Message, click #Cover Page.
  4. Click "Send it now" You will receive a confirmation email that your fax has been sent.

Send a fax using email

How do I get my physical paper into digital form?

  • All of our copiers on both campuses support high-speed, multi-page scanning to email or USB stick. Any employee can use the copiers to scan a document for faxing.

How do I view, download or print a document that was sent to me?


  • You MUST enter the country code, even when faxing the US! So put a 1 in front!
  • Once you logon to HelloFax once, your browser will remember it and you can just load and go straight to your account
  • None of our incoming fax numbers are changing.