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Summary.pngProcedure for accessing my lower school child's learning platforms
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On an iPad

Before trying to access any apps, be sure to:

  • Print out or save your Clever Badge

Every time your child needs to access Seesaw, Dreambox, or Lexia, please do the following:

  1. Open the Clever app and sign in using your Clever Badge
    1. Hold up your Badge to the camera
    2. You also can scan the Badge by holding your phone - with the Badge open - up to the camera
  2. Once signed in, click the desired app icon (Dreambox, Lexia or Seesaw)
  3. You will be prompted to open the desired app
  4. The desired app will open already signed into your child’s account

On a Chromebook/Computer

  1. Via the web browser of your choice, navigate to
  2. Click “Log in as a student” at the top right
  3. Click “Clever Badge log in”
  4. Once in Clever, click the desired app icon to launch an app.

Seesaw (Grades PK-3)

Seesaw is a digital platform that will allow students to submit assignments with their homebase teachers. This platform will also allow for teachers to provide purposeful feedback to students. For more information on submitting student work to Seesaw, review our detailed tech article

Schoology (Grades 4-5)

Schoology is a learning management system that allows students to communicate with their teachers and submit student work. This platform provides teachers a digital space to collaborate with students and provide purposeful feedback. For more information on logging in and submitting work, review this detailed tech article.

Scholastic Literacy Pro (Grades 1 - 5)

Laptop or Chromebook

Have your student open their web browser and:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login using your Google Credentials
  3. Select the Scholastic Literacy Pro App

iOS or Android

  1. Navigate to your Clever app and login using your Clever Badge or Google Credentials
  2. Select the Scholastic Literacy Pro App

Raz-Kids (Grades 1-2)

Laptop or Chromebook

Have your student open their web browser and:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Teacher's Username
    • Teacher's will provide students with the Raz Kids Username as it differs from our RCS username
  3. Select your student's name and they're in!

iOS or Android

Have your student open the Raz-Kids app and

  1. Sign in using your Teacher's Username
  2. Search for your students name and they're in!