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SummaryProcedure for helping lower school students with remote learning
AuthorMaintained by Sammy Castro
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StatusUp-to-date for the 2023-2024 school year.

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a digital platform enabling students to submit assignments to both their Homebase and Special Area classes. It also facilitates teachers in providing meaningful feedback to students.

Log in to Seesaw

All students will log in to Seesaw. Family accounts are not currently set up and will not be able to log in at this time.

PK - 2nd Grade

On an iPad

  • Apps should already be installed. However, if the application is not on the iPad, you can follow the steps below:
    1. Install the following via the App Store:
      • Clever
      • Seesaw Class
    2. Open the Clever app and sign in using your Clever Badge.
    3. Hold up your Badge to the camera. Alternatively, you can scan the Badge by holding your phone - with the Badge open - up to the camera.
    4. Once signed in, click on the Seesaw Class app.

How to login using an iPad and a Clever Badge

On a Chromebook/Computer:

  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to
  2. Select "Log in as a student" located at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Choose "Clever Badge log in" from the options provided.
  4. After logging into Clever, locate and click on the Seesaw Class app.

How to login using a laptop and a Clever Badge

3rd Grade

On a Chromebook/Computer:
  • Using the web browser of your preference (we suggest Google Chrome):
  1. Go to the myRiverdale page.
  2. Sign in with your RCS Username and Password.
  3. After signing in to myRiverdale, access the Seesaw app.
  4. Click on "Log in with Google" to sign in using your child's Riverdale email address and email password on the Clever Login page.
  5. You might need to choose your Google account or input your email credentials.
  6. Please choose or input your child's Riverdale email account.

How to login using a laptop and Google Credentials

On an iPad

  • Please install the subsequent apps from the App Store:
  1. Clever
  2. Seesaw Class
  • To access Seesaw when needed, kindly adhere to these instructions:
  1. Launch the Clever app and sign in using Google.
  2. Upon signing in, select the Seesaw Class app.
  3. You'll receive a prompt to open the desired app.
  4. The desired app will open automatically, already signed into your child’s account.

How to login using iPad and Google Credentials

Navigate Between Classes

You can navigate between classes by clicking on the student name at the top left corner of the homepage.

Seesaw Select Class.png

What Can Students Access?

Students can access the following in their Seesaw class pages:

  • Remote Learning Plan, via Student Announcements tab in the Seesaw inbox
  • Pending Activities, via the "Waiting for Response" section of the activities tab
  • Completed activities, via the Journal tab
  • Class Announcements, via the inbox, under the messages tab

Class Announcements

Class announcements can be read through the student "Inbox".

To see the inbox and read class announcements, after logging into Seesaw using preferred method:

  1. Find your students Homebase class by clicking student name on the top left corner (H.B. = Homebase)
    Seesaw Select Class.png
  2. After selecting a class, click the Inbox tab next to Activities on the far right
  3. This inbox is where Announcements sent to students will appear

Submit Assignments to Seesaw

Students will complete their daily assignments provided by their teacher in their Remote Learning Plan. Once their assignments are completed they will follow the steps below to submit their evidence of Learning:

  1. Navigate to the correct class by clicking student name on the top left
    Seesaw Select Class.png
  2. Tap the activities tab and locate the activity that corresponds to the date you are posting for
    • Example: The writing assignment for April 13 with be added to the activity named: Monday April 13 - Writing
      Seesaw Activity.jpg
  3. To submit a response or turn in an assignment, Click the "Add Response" button
  4. Select an option for what type of work to submit
    • ex. Photo, Note, Drawing, Video, Link or Upload a file
    • Click the green check mark twice to submit work when completed

Submit a Photo response videos

Watch the videos below for best practices on submitting a photo response

Submit a Video response video

The videos below model best practices for submitting a video response

Approval and Comments

After submitting your response you will await your teachers comments! Faculty will provide feedback to students during synchronous sessions, via 1:1 check-ins, or directly through Seesaw.