View Lower School lunch orders via Nutrislice

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Summary.pngThis page describes how to digitally view your Homebase cohort's lunch orders.
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What is Nutrislice?

The Nutrislice platform from Cater to You will allow the Food Service team to prepare food for your children based on orders you have submitted in advance. This system of ordering lunch is now underway with our Lower School Families. Please review the section below for more information and remember to review our FAQ section at the bottom.

This page describes how to digitally view your Homebase cohort's lunch orders. No more printing!

View my Homebase cohort lunch order

NOTE: In order for the Lunch Order reports to work you MUST be logged in to the Nutrislice admin website.

The steps below will guide you in viewing you cohort's lunch orders

  1. Log into myRiverdale (aka Okta) by navigating to
  2. Find the Nutrislice link and click to login.
    Nutrislice Okta Link.png
  3. You will be signed in to Nutrislice automatically and see a blank grey screen. When you see the grey screen, you have successfully logged in and may close the tab.
    Nutislice GreyScreen.png
  4. Back on myRiverdale, find the LS Lunch Orders link and click to open the spreadsheet.
    Nutrislice LSLunchOrders Okta Link.png
  5. This spreadsheet contains the daily lunch reports for the Homebase teachers as well as daily Production totals for Chef Dave and the Kitchen Crew.
    Nutrislice Lunch Report Spreadsheet.png
  6. Click on the cohort who’s daily lunch you want to view and a new tab will open up with the lunch report for the day.
    Nutrislice Lunch Report.png

Need a Recap?

For a full walk through of how to view your cohorts daily lunch orders, please review the demo video below.

Things you should know

  • The sheet will update daily based on the Nutrislice daily orders.
  • If you are not logged in to Nutrislice admin page you will receive an error message stating "Error : Permission needed."
    Nutrislice Error Page.png
  • To resolve, navigate to Okta and click the Nutrislice link to sign in. Then click a report link from the spreadsheet again.