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The audio/video recorder works in Chrome Browser. It can be used in the following areas of Schoology Courses:

  • Assignment - Teacher attachment
  • Assignment - Student submission
  • Test/Quiz - Teacher Instructions
  • Test/Quiz - Question stimulus
  • Test/Quiz - Student response (Short Answer/Essay Question when Allow video or audio answers for students is enabled)
  • Discussion - Teacher stimulu
  • Discussion - Comments and replies
  • Page - Teacher direct instuction
  • Update
  • Event

In any of the above-mentioned areas in Schoology that allow the HTML5 recorder:

Step 1 - Click the microphone icon in the rich text editor window.

Step 2 - Click:

  • Audio to record an audio file.
  • Audio & Video to record a video file.

Step 3 - When using the recorder for the first time, the browser will display a prompt to allow the microphone or camera. Click Allow to continue using the recorder:

Step 4 - Click Start Recording to begin your recording

Note: The audio recorder does not begin until you click Record, and it detects sounds. It may take significant noise - for example, clapping your hands, or tapping the microphone, for the recording to detect the 'start' sound and begin recording.

Step 5 - Click Stop Recording to end your recording.

  • To preview your recording before posting, click the play button after the recording has ended.
  • Click Insert Recording to attach your recording to the update.

  • The recorder uploads the file during recording so there is less processing time when the video or audio recording has been completed.
  • When the file is attached, it will be converted into a readable format. Please allow time for the conversion to complete.