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The Lower School will not be hosting remote only classes for the 2021-2022 school year. We have, however, devised a set of systems in the event that a homebase cohort, class or the entire Lower School needs to be remote, due to exposure or unexpected school closures.

In the event that a set of students would need to quarantine because of exposure, teachers will be asked to provide remote instruction for those students who have been asked to quarantine.

Remote Learning Procedures

Detailed information on our Remote Learning procedures and scenarios were provided to faculty at the beginning of the school year. The slides from this presentation can be found here.

Homebase Learning Schedules

The Homebase learning schedule is a digitized version of our daily in-school schedule. If a situation presented itself where a homebase cohort/class or the entire Lower School would need to go remote, both homebase teachers will take turns in supporting those students who are remote via the Zoom links listed in the Homebase Learning Schedule. We ask that students attend all sessions homebase and special area sessions.

At all other times, the Zoom meetings associated with the homebase learning schedules will not be active as teachers will be working with cohorts on campus.

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LS Learning Schedule Links

Below is a list of Each Grade Levels Homebase Learning Schedule including the Full Remote Cohort:

Grade PK/K

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Accessing Class Zoom Links

Teachers and students alike will login to their scheduled class by locating the homebase learning schedule for their cohort, finding the date/time of their class and clicking the zoom link. Teachers can also access their homebase class links by opening their Zoom application and clicking the Homebase link. All Homebase Class links will be created by the tech. team

Tips for Hosting Video Conferences

When hosting online conferences please keep in mind the following:

  • Location - Check your surroundings
  • Sit in a location with good lighting
  • Set yourself up for success - Dress for success
  • It's OK to make a mistake! - It shows we are human
  • Make it personal

Establish video conference norms with your families. Some examples may include:

  • Ask families to mute their mic. This will ensure there is no feedback during your read-aloud.
  • Use the Chat feature for families to ask questions

For additional information regarding Norms and best practices for hosting a Zoom meeting review our detailed Norms documentation, which was shared out with LS families.

Additional Training and Support

For additional training and support on the programs we use for remote learning please review our Teacher PD from Summer 2020.