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2018-2019.png Up-to-date for the 2018-2019 school year.

Over the 2018-2019 school year we will be phasing out support for, and the installation of, the Microsoft Office suite for most employees, and all students. We are NOT going to remove the programs from your laptop if you already have them on, but will require anyone who wants to do a new installation to discuss the reasons it is necessary to perform your duties for RCS. After June 2019, we will deactivate the software unless we've granted you extended access.

You've been using Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint for what feels like a million years, how could you possibly stop? We have the answers! The Google Apps suite of Docs, Sheets and Slides fully cover the needs of almost everyone at RCS. Google Apps can display and edit the vast majority of your existing Word, Excel and Powerpoint slides without issue both online and offline. Some more complex documents that take advantage of advanced features in Microsoft Office will not migrate well to Google, but you still have options!

  • OpenOffice is the gold standard in office suites and can open/edit all Microsoft Office documents. And it's free!
  • LibreOffice is another great choice, and it's free too!
  • Apple supplies iWork (including Pages, Numbers and Keynote) with every Mac, and it can open/edit Word and Excel documents just fine.

Any of the above options can open and edit all Microsoft Office documents. Did you know that you can easily do the same in Google Drive? Follow Google's handy guide to get started.