Start a Zoom meeting quickly, and invite participants?

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If you ever find yourself in a situation where your scheduled Zoom Meeting is inaccessible, here's how you can create a meeting on the fly and get participants into it quickly.

First - Open the Zoom App and select "New Meeting".

New Meeting.jpg

As the meeting starts, the "Invite Link is [automatically] Copied" to your clipboard.

This means you can paste this link (which was automatically copied when you opened the meeting) into an email, message, calendar invite, etc.

Invite link copied.jpg

Quickly Invite RCS Faculty members who are signed into Zoom

The fastest way to get Faculty into the Zoom meeting is to invite them via the "Contacts" tab in Zoom. The benefit of this method is it's fast, and there's no chance of a missed email or message (because a Zoom alert sound and pop -up window will appear on their laptop or phone. This only works if the user is signed into their RCS Zoom account.

Click on "Participants", then "Invite", and then "Contacts", in that order.

Invite Participants.jpg

Search your RCS contacts, and see their "Presence Status".

Presence status icon.jpg

Here are the most common icons you'll see, and what they mean:

Status-icon-offline.png means they will not see your instant Zoom invite, and you will need to invite them by pasting the invite link in an email or a message.

Status-icon-online.png means that your contact is signed in to the Zoom desktop client. This means that your invite will notify them immediately to join your Zoom (i.e. Zoom will launch, and play an alert.

Note: If the contact is also signed in to the Zoom mobile app, this status overrides the mobile client status

Status-icon-online-mobile-app.png - means that your contact is signed in to the Zoom mobile client only. This means that your invite will notify them to join the Zoom from their Phone.

Note: If the contact is also signed in to the Zoom desktop client, the desktop client status overrides this status

Status-icon-in-zoom-meeting-or-presenting.png - Contact has started or joined a Zoom meeting (not yours!).

Inviting RCS Faculty in this way is easy, and effective. Just search, select, and invite.

Search Select Invite.jpg

Send the Zoom invite link in an Email

If you click the "Email" tab, and click "Gmail", it will open Gmail and compose an email with the full Zoom invite in the body. All you need to do is add the email addresses of Faculty and parents.

Email Invite.jpg

Alternatively, you can simply click "Copy Invite Link", from either the "contacts" tab or the "email" tab, and then paste it into an email you compose in the usual way.

Copy invite link.jpg