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Submit a covid test result or flu vaccination

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==Getting the Upload Links from the Parent Portal==
#Login to the [ Riverdale Parent Portal]
#Navigate to "My Children" in the top menu bar. <br><br>[[File:Covidtest parentportal1.png|frameless|876x876px]]<br><br>#You will see a "Student Files" link for each of your enrolled children. <br><br>[[File:Covidtest parentportal2.png|frameless|875x875px]]<br><br>
#Choose the "Student Files" Link for the child you'd like to upload results for.
#Choose the appropriate upload link for the test type or documentation you are uploading by clicking the "View" button. <br><br>[[File:Covidtest parentportal3.png|frameless|873x873px]]<br><br>
==Using the Upload Forms==
The forms we supply are pre-filled. Please do not attempt to modify the pre-filled information as it may cause your submission to not process properly. Please only modify the date and other submission fields below the student information fields.
<br /><br>[[File:Covidtestresultform1.png|frameless|810x810px]]<br />

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