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Summary.png WebPrint allows printing from our wireless network to RCS-managed printers. It does this via a simple web page and requires no configuration.
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WebPrint allows printing from our wireless network to RCS-managed printers. It does this via a simple web page and requires no configuration.

Before reading the below, would you prefer to try a better way to print from a laptop?

What is WebPrint? And where is it available?

WebPrint is a service provided by PaperCut that allows you to print to RCS printers via a web page, without having to configure anything on your laptop. This service is being offered to users of our wireless networks on both the Hill and River campuses. It is NOT available to you from off-campus.

If this sounds too simple, you don't want to print via a website, or expect to print a LOT of pages, you may be interested in our Direct Wireless Printing service.

When you are using a desktop computer at RCS or an RCS-managed laptop, you can use our traditional printing infrastructure, so there's no reason to use WebPrint (although we won't stop you!).

WebPrint is easy to use:

  1. Create a document
    • Convert it to a supported file type listed in the table below if necessary
  2. Logon to
  3. Click WebPrint
  4. Choose a printer
  5. Upload the document to print
  6. Pick up your printout
  7. Smile :)

What kinds of files are supported?

PaperCut supports the following file formats. This means you can just upload a file of these types and they will be printed. If your file ISN'T a supported type, see the next section.

File Type Extension
Microsoft Office Excel xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx
Microsoft Office PowerPoint pot, potm, potx, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx
Microsoft Office Word doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx
Portable Document Format pdf

How do I convert a document to one of the supported types?

If your document is not in one of the natively supported, you should convert it to PDF for printing. See below for instructions for your operating system.

On a Mac

Mac OS X supports the creation of PDFs system-wide, which means that any application can create a PDF document by simply printing it. Here are Apple's instructions for converting a file to PDF.

On Windows

Windows users should install one of the many free PDF Printers that are available. Here are some options:

Please make sure to follow the developers documentation for assistance if you have any trouble!

Awesome! Now, how do I print?

Papercut has a good online guide and we have also documented the steps below.

  1. Login to PaperCut at using your domain credentials (the username and password you use to logon to an RCS computer)

    Papercut Login Screen 1.jpg

  2. Select Web Print from the PaperCut menu

    Papercut Menu 2.jpg

  3. Click the Submit a Job link

    Webprint Submit a Job page 3.jpg

  4. Select the printer you want to use from the available list, which is searchable by printer name, not location, by using the Quick Find box

    Papercut Webprint Printer List 4.jpg

  5. Choose number of copies then click Upload Document

    Papercut Webprint Copies and Acct Sel cropped 5.jpg

  6. Click on Choose File or drag your files to the box labeled Drag files here (Note the supported file formats table below the button)

    PaperCut WebPrint DandD Upload.jpg

  7. Click Upload & Complete


  8. Go to the printer you selected in step 4 and pick up your document

    Papercut Webprint Uploaded, rendered and queued 8.jpg

  9. Be happy!