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IMPORTANT: Nutrislice will be live for the 2021-2022 school year beginning Saturday August 28, 2021!

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What is Nutrislice?

The Nutrislice platform from Cater to You will allow the Food Service team to prepare food for your children based on orders you have submitted in advance. This system of ordering lunch is now underway with our Lower School Families. Please review the section below for more information and remember to review our FAQ section at the bottom.

Why have we chosen to transition to Nutrislice?

After touching base with the Sustainability and Wellness Committee, the Lower School PA and the Administrative Team, we felt it is important to provide a way for families to be able to submit lunch orders from home, as opposed to putting that responsibility solely on the children when at school.

How do I use Nutrislice?

Need to create an account?

If you haven’t already done so, please take the following steps below to set-up your account before you submit your first order:

  1. Navigate to and click "View Menus".
  2. What type of user are you? Please select which user type you are, in this case "Parent". Then click "Next".
  3. Tell us about your student(s) Please enter in your child(s) information here including First Name, Last Name, and any Allergy information.
    • For additional children, click "Add Another Student" and enter fill out the respective fields.
  4. Tell us about yourself Here you will enter your information including First Name, Last Name and Email Address. Once completed, click Next.
  5. You're almost done! Lastly, create and confirm a password, then click "Finish" to complete account setup.
  6. Congratulations You have successfully created your account.
  7. Verify Please open your email and open the account verification email. Once opened, click "Verify". Your Email Address has now been verified. Thank You!
    • Note: Please check your Spam folder if you do not receive an email verification when you establish your account.

Already created an account?

For those who have already have accounts and would like to submit future lunch orders, check the weekly lunch menus, or review previous orders:

  1. Click the link in the Parent Portal to navigate to the Nutrislice site
     :Nutrislice - Portal Links.png
  2. Click the 3 lines at the top right and click "Log In"
  3. Enter in your Nutrislice credentials

Click the link in the Parent Portal to navigate to the Nutrislice site

Need to place an order?

The following instructions are only for those who have created a Nutrislice account and are logged in.

Note: You will need to place an order through the Nutrislice platform before noon each Wednesday for the following week.

  1. Once logged into Nutrislice, click "Lower School" to view the weekly Menu.
  2. Select the week you want to order for by clicking << or >>.
  3. Select the lunch menu items desired for your child by clicking the + sign next to each item.
    • Be sure to scroll down and select all desired items including Salads and Beverages.
  4. Click the shopping bag at the top right of the screen to review your order items and click "Checkout" at the bottom.
  5. At the check out screen, will select the Child and Delivery location for the order being placed.
  6. Select the the Division, in this case "Lower School" and click Submit Order.
  7. Once your order is submitted you will receive a confirmation email as well as see a confirmation screen.
    • Note: Steps 1-6 will need to be repeated to enter an order for families with more than one child.

What if I forget to order?

Please be aware that if we do not receive an order for your child through Nutrislice, your child will be provided with a daily meal option. This will be the only option available each day (the only exception will be for diet restricted students).

The daily lunch menu will rotate every four weeks with six choices available: daily hot lunch option entree, vegetarian entree, cold sandwich, daily soup, salad(s), multigrain bagel, plus sides.

You may still choose to send in lunch from home with your child.  All lunches from home must be nut and peanut free.

Need a Recap?

For a full walk through of creating an account and placing your students orders, please review the demo video below.

Have a smart phone?

Download the FREE Nutislice app for quick convenient contactless ordering.

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

How do I indicate a student's allergy or dietary restriction

Below are some instructions for entering and editing your child's allergy/diet restrictions within Nutrislice.

  1. Log In
  2. Click 3 Bars at top right for menu
  3. Click “Your Account”
  4. Click “Your Information”
  5. Click “Your Students”
  6. Click pencil image
  7. Update info in “Allergies/Dietary Restrictions” section if applicable
  8. Click Save

Here is a Video of the process


Do I use Nutrislice if we are sending in lunch?

Families who opt to send their lower school child with their own lunch should still create a Nutrislice account and select Bring your own lunch as your lunch order. This will help us plan accordingly for our daily lunch distribution and will minimize food waste.

When do orders for lunch need to be in by:

All orders for the upcoming week need to be placed by Wednesday at 12PM.

What if I forget to order:

Please be aware that if we do not receive an order for your child through Nutrislice, your child will be provided with a daily meal option. This will be the only option available each day (the only exception will be for diet restricted students).

My student has an allergy, how will I know what is safe for them to eat:

Each menu item will be labeled on the website with the allergens. You can filter the menu to cross out any items that contain the allergen. Most sandwiches can be modified to be served on gluten free bread.

What comes with the meal:

Each meal is accompanied by fruit and a crispy snack.

How will the meal get to my child:

The kitchen team will be delivering the packaged meal you ordered to your student’s delivery location. The meal will be labeled with you student’s name and the menu item inside the package. It is important you know where your student will be eating lunch, as you will need to select the delivery location. There will be a designated pick up point for faculty and staff, this location is listed in the system.

When will I be able to begin ordering lunches:

Ordering is now available! Please use the link above to access the ordering system.

How will I know my order is placed?

Once you select your entree choice for each day of the week, you will need to checkout and submit your order. Once your order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email

How do I cancel or make a change to my order:

To make an order change, you will need to cancel your order and resubmit a new order. To do so, you will login your account, click my account, click order history and then click cancel for any orders you would like to change.

If I have multiple students who attend the same school, how do I know who I am ordering for:

During the checkout process, you will select the student in which you are ordering for. On the top of the screen you will see "who is this order for", below there is a drop down box. After you place an order for one student, you will be able to place an order for a second.

Who do I contact with questions?

For any questions, please email or