Install the PaperCut Client Application?

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Summary.png An application that allows users in multiple groups to select which group the printing or copying job gets billed to.
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An application that allows users in multiple groups to select which group the printing or copying job gets billed to.

Why do I need the PaperCut App and where can I get it?

The PaperCut Client Application runs on the local computer of users that belong to multiple printing Accounting groups. You will know if you are one of these lucky people if you were directed here via an email you received in the middle of the night... There are versions for Windows and macOS.

NOTE: These steps should ONLY be performed on your self-managed device, on-campus, connected to our WiFi. It WILL NOT WORK at home.

I love printing! Let's install it!

Fantastic! Follow the instructions for your platform below.

On Mac

  1. Start the Self Service App


  2. Enter your RCS username and password
  3. Find the PaperCut app in Self Service and click install


  4. Go to Applications > and double-click to open.


  5. Enter your Domain credentials to authenticate. Use the format riverdale\username.


  6. If you are a member of more than one Domain group (49 of you know who you are) Papercut client must be running in order to print. This is the account selection popup that you will see.


  7. If you wish to have the PaperCut Client App run at startup or remain in the Dock, drag the icon from the Applications folder to the dock, right click (option click) on the PCClient in the dock, go to options and select "Open at Login"


On Windows

  1. Go to the Run box (Windows key + r) and type \\\pcclient\win and click Ok


  2. Enter your network credentials


    • Checking "Remember my credentials" will stop future authentication requests
  3. Run the file named client-local-install.exe

    Apppath contents.JPG

  4. User Account Control (UAC) may require you to allow installing a program, go ahead and say OK or Yes if prompted.
  5. Follow the installer instructions

    Client Install.JPG

    • Choose Local Install (For All Users) when prompted.
  6. Supply your network credentials in the format shown below to log into the PaperCut Client Application

    PC App Login.JPG

I don't need the Client App any more! Let's get rid of it!

On MacOS

Drag the to the trash

On Windows

Go to Control Pannel -> Programs and uninstall the PaperCut MF Client.