Install and use the PwC Automatic Contact Tracing app?

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What is the PwC Automatic Contact Tracing app?

PwC Automatic Contact Tracing (Tracing for short) is a contact tracing app to help improve community confidence and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Tracing is a tool that will enable Riverdale Country School to notify community members who have had contact on campus with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

When Tracing is on and running, it collects information about the length of time and distance that two different devices were in contact using WiFi and Bluetooth technology. Importantly, the app collects this information only when the device is present on our campuses. In addition, only time and proximity data between devices is collected. The tool does not reveal the location of devices; there is no trace of locations on campus where a person (or their phone) traveled in a given day. We investigated several products and concluded that this product provides just the information we need to assist with contact tracing and no more. Importantly, the tool will give us information about who had close contact with the user with Covid-19 outside of scheduled activities (lunch, breaks, etc.) with significantly more accuracy than our current methods which rely on interviews. We hope that the information gathered using this tool will prevent us from having to hold out a large group of students or faculty unnecessarily and will, at times, provide peace of mind to a user about potential exposure.



Install the Tracing app by following this extensive slideshow


Note: The Tracing App requires iOS 13 or greater in order to install

Installing the Tracing app on iOS is a two step process.

  1. You must associate your Apple ID with JAMF Pro by following the instructions received via email.
  2. Once your Apple ID has been associated, the Tracing app will be available in the "Purchased" section of the iOS App Store.


What do I do if the invite is no longer valid?
If you have an invite that says "This invite is no longer valid.", please let us know so we can resend an invite link.
Will linking my personal AppleID with the school give you access to my data and device?
No. This simply allows us to offer you apps to download, and gives us NO access to any of your personal data.
Is Tracing going to track me off campus?
No. The geofenced areas are around the River and Hill campuses, and the system only activates once you've entered those areas.
If I'm with another Riverdale member on the weekends, will that be tracked?
No. The geofenced areas are around the River and Hill campuses, and the system only activates once you've entered those areas.
Will you be able to see who we are with?
No. The only information exposed to the school is proximity information when you are within CDC guidelines for 'contact'. So we only see the people you are near for extended time periods.
Will you be able to see where I go?
No. We never see location information, only those who you are in 'contact' with ON CAMPUS as defined by the CDC.
Why is my iPhone showing me that Tracing is tracking me in the background all over town?
In order for Tracing to know you are in the geofenced area (campus) it needs to use locations services. Tracing DOES NOT have access to where you've been, it only activates once you've entered campus.
Why is my iPhone screen waking up every few minutes?
Tracing REQUIRES this behavior in order to work properly. Please do not change your notification settings to preserve this behavior.
Will my phone battery life be impacted by the Tracing app?
Just a teensy bit. PwC has done a lot of testing and have assured us that the impact is very minimal.
Why can't I put my iPhone face down?
When you put an iPhone face down, it goes into Do Not Disturb mode which deactivates Tracing.
Do I need to enable notifications?
Yes, notifications are required to be enabled for two reasons - to enable the app to function as a beacon and perform contact tracing, and to notify you if there's a problem with your settings.
Can I use iPhone Do Not Disturb mode?
No. If you turn on DO Not Disturb mode it will prevent the screen from waking. Keep Do Not Disturb OFF when on school grounds.
Why can't I clear the notification on my Android device?
When an app is running in the background, Android displays a persistent notification to keep the app functioning while in the background.
How do I know the App is working?
When you enter the school grounds, open the app and confirm you see the 'All Systems Go!' status screen.