Install and Use the PwC Check-In app for Android

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What Is The PwC app

  • PwC is a contact tracing app to help improve employee confidence and reduce risk exposure. PwC is a tool that will enable Riverdale Country School to notify employees who have had contact with an employee who tested positive for Covid-19.

PwC Mobile App

  • Anyone with access to a smartphone.
  • Employees located within company property, or geofence.
  • The mobile application observes and broadcasts signals for automatic contact tracing without compromising privacy.

Where Can I Find The App

  • The Android Automatic Contact Tracing Mobile App is not available on the public Google Play store. The app will be sent to your Android device.

How to Install PwC Automatic Contact Tracing App

  • When you first open the PWC Contact Tracing app on your Android phone, you will see this welcome screen. Click “Register”.
  • The app will ask you to log in with your Riverdale email address.
    • You must create a new password that is:
      • At least 20 characters long
      • Has at least one uppercase letter
      • Has at least one lowercase letter
      • Has at least one number
  • Accept the user agreement.
    • You need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen before you can click “Accept”.
  • The app will ask you to “Enable Location Services”.
    • If Android gives you the option of selecting “Always Allow”, select that.
      • If it doesn’t give you that option, it’s alright - you can fix it later in the app.
  • Once you do that, the app should be installed.

Set Up Permissions For the App

  • In order for the app to work properly, it needs to monitor your location in the background, even when you are not “using” the app.
  • Under “Issues Detected”, click the top Red Block (“Tap to Allow Location Services”).

  • This should take you to the Android System Settings for the Contact Tracing App.
  • Click on “Permissions” > Location, and select “Allow all the time”.
  • Click back into the app (click the Android back button), and click the bottom Red Block (“Tap to Allow Physical Activity”).
    • Once it takes you back to your Android settings, click “Allow”.
  • Then head back to the Contact Tracing app, and click “Tap to turn off Adaptive Battery”.
    • That will take you to the “Battery Optimization” screen for your apps.
    • Scroll down to the app called “Tracing”, and click on it.
  • Set “Tracing” to “Not optimized”. This will prevent Android from turning off the app when it is not actively in use.
  • Then return to the Contact Tracing app, and click “Done” and “Yes” to verify that you have turned off adaptive battery management for the “Tracing” app.
  • On the “Pro Tip” below that says “Keep you phone facing up”, click “OK”. That should complete your setup of the Contact Tracing app on your Android phone.