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Summary.png The Financial Edge is the financial management software that the RCS Business Office uses.
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Normal Use

  • Your Financial Edge session will become Idle when you are no longer using the application but have not chosen to Exit and Sign out
  • Idle Financial Edge sessions are disconnected after 6 hours.
  • Disconnected Financial Edge sessions are logged off after 2 hours.

First Time Use

The first time you login to The Financial Edge, it will take up to two minutes to setup your profile and show the FE7 logon screen. Subsequent uses should take up to 20 seconds to show the FE7 logon screen.

  • The first time you run FE7 at RCS, you will be presented with this screen:
    • Click the "Don't ask me again for remote connections from this publisher" box prior to clicking Connect.
      FE7 Trust the publisher.JPG

Adding a Printer

Ideally, any printers you plan on using during your Financial Edge session should be added to your local machine at the beginning of the day, prior to your first login to The Financial Edge. However, if you need to add a printer after you've logged into Financial Edge for the day, you can follow these instructions:

1. In The Financial Edge, go to File -> Print Setup

2. You will be presented with a normal print dialogue. Click the Network button at the bottom left of the window

Fe7 printdialogue.JPG

3. In the Printer Text field, type \\Carbon. Press Enter.

Fe7 carbon.JPG

4. Scroll through the list of printers. Double-click on the printer you wish to install.

5. You should now see that printer appear in the Printer Name Dropdown in the print dialogue box.

Remote Access

FE7 is available from outside the RCS campus via our remote access system. If you require remote access to FE7, from home for instance, please submit a tech support request.

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