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Room Wizards have been installed in the front of some frequently-used communal spaces to allow for better use of these spaces. Room Wizards sync with the Google Calendar Resource Calendars for these spaces and allow employees and students to see the reservations for these spaces from the space itself without the need for a computer or a Google Account. When the spaces are free, they can be reserved via the Room Wizard interface. These reservations sync back to the Resource Calendar.

Important Note

The event title you choose WILL display on the Room Wizard. Please be discrete!



To use a free space

If you'd like to make a reservation without contacting the room's reservation manager or by reserving it via the Google Resource Calendars, you may reserve the room by touching the Use Now Button on any Room Wizard reporting a room as free.

All reservations done via the Room Wizard start immediately and can last up to 3 hours. If you wish to reserve the room later, or for longer, you must reserve it via Google Calendar.

Adjusting your Meeting

If you find your meeting is running long and the room is free, you may increase your reservation time by touching the Adjust button to add more time to your meeting reservation.

End a Meeting that over early or not taking place

Simply touch the End button. If the room is managed by someone as well, you may also contact that person to remove the meeting from the Room's calendar.

Basic Interface Overview

Room Wizard Orientation.png