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Summary.pngThis calendar allows you to book an appointment in the Writing Center.
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How to find the Hill Writing Center Appointments Calendar

You can use the Riverdale Calendars link in or in our HowDoI wiki calendar page.

Using the Hill Writing Center Appointments Calendar

How to Book an Appointment in the Writing Center:

  1. Click the appropriate “WC/teacher name” date and time to book an appointment
  2. Verify the time and date is available exactly what you want
  3. Your name will appear next to “WC/teacher name: _______.
  4. Click SAVE if this is the time you want. If it’s not the time you want or if there is already a student’s name next to WC/teacher name:, select another time.

What do I do next

Your appointment will go onto your google calendar as well as onto the Writing Center calendar, and you will get a reminder if you have your calendar set up to send you reminders.

  • How to set up reminders on your calendar
    • Go to "settings" on the left under "my calendars" in the main view.
    • Click on the "notifications" link. Select your preference in the drop down menus in "Event Reminders".

Oops, something came up

Life happens and you need to cancel an appointment you have made

  • Go to your own google calendar and cancel the appointment and please notify the person you made the appointment with.

Thanks, and let me know if you’re having any difficulty!

Carin McLain