Use student "Exam Accounts"

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Summary.pngUsing Exam accounts to restrict student web and app access during exams.
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What are they?

The RCS Technology Department provides special "Exam Accounts" for use by students taking the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. These accounts allow students use of a laptop but blocks them from being able to access the internet or other online resources. These are RCS domain accounts, like your own, but with limited permissions.

These accounts allow students to open MS Word, save to a networked folder, and print to a nearby printer.

These accounts prevent use of the internet, e-mail, and most other applications on standard RCS laptops and desktops.

These accounts can be used on a number of RCS Mac campus computers which are held in the Language Office 1. They cannot be used on personal laptops, tablets, or other devices.

How/when do I use them?

Valerie Keller is our Coordinator of Standardized Testing, and she handles the deployment of these Exam laptops.

Exam account logins and passwords are distributed via paper slips from the Tech Department during midterms and finals. If you're using them during the year, please go to Google Drive and search for "Exam Accounts Spreadsheet". Please don't share these credentials with students.

An alternative to Exam Accounts (for use by all classroom teachers) is DigiExam.