Use a Chromebook effectively

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Step 1: use the Chrome browser

The Chrome browser is great for some things -- Gmail, Drive, and other web services. It's terrible at others, so...

Step 2: use Android apps where appropriate

Use Android apps as well -- they fill in the gaps when web apps aren't effective. For anything with a stylus: use Android.

Step 3: use our recommended apps (plus any great ones you find)

We'll keep adding ideas and apps as we experiment with Chromebooks. We hope you'll do the same.

Purpose App Type Description / Details
PDF - read or annotate Kami Chrome Kami allows you to mark up PDFs with your finger or a stylus. It's also great for just reading.
PDF - add pages or sign Web Free app that integrates with Google Drive. Some overlap with Xodo annotation features, but this one is great for managing PDF pages.
Record on a whiteboard Explain Everything Android Records what you write and say.
Schoology Schoology or Android or Web The Android app is quick but the web version is full-featured. Use both.