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Step 1: use the Chrome browser

The Chrome browser is great for things like -- Gmail, Drive, and other web services.

Step 2: use Android apps where appropriate

Use Android apps as well -- they fill in the gaps when web apps aren't effective. But be aware that Android on Chromebooks is still in beta, so things might get a little crashy. Experiment and let people know what you find.

Step 3: use our recommended apps (plus any great ones you find)

For examples on how teachers at RCS are using the chromebooks, please visit

Purpose App Type Description / Details
PDF - read or annotate Kami Chrome Free app that integrates with Google Drive. Kami allows you to mark up PDFs with your finger or a stylus. It's also great for just reading.
Record on a whiteboard Explain Everything Android Records what you write and say.
Schoology Web The Android app is quick but doesn't work as well on a Chromebook as the web version. Only install the Android app if you want Chrome OS alerts to show up.

Need more help? Check out the Chromebook Handy Dandy Notebook here. Please download the file to your device before opening it with Kami.

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