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What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a digital platform that will allow students to submit assignments with their homebase teachers. This platform will also allow for teachers to provide purposeful feedback to students.

Logging in to Seesaw

PK - 2nd Grade

On an iPad Open the Clever app and sign in using your Clever Badge Hold up your Badge to the camera You also can scan the Badge by holding your phone - with the Badge open - up to the camera Once signed in, click the Seesaw app <<seesaw iPad icon>>

On a Chromebook/Computer Via the web browser of your choice, navigate to Click “Log in as a student” at the top right Click “Clever Badge log in” <<seesaw icon>>

Once in Clever, click the desired app icon to launch an app.

3rd - 5th Grade

On a Chromebook/Computer myRiverdale Via the web browser of your choice (we recommend Google Chrome), navigate to the myRiverdale page. Sign in using RCS Username and Password. Once signed in to myRiverdale, click the Seesaw app Click Log in with Google to sign in using your child's Riverdale email address and email password on the Clever Login page. You may be prompted to either select your Google account or enter in your email credentials. Please select or enter in your child's Riverdale email account.

On an iPad Install the following via the App Store: Clever Seesaw Class Every time your child needs to access Seesaw please do the following: Open the Clever app and sign in using Google Once signed in, click the desired app icon (Dreambox, Lexia, or Seesaw You will be prompted to open the desired app The desired app will open already signed into your child’s account

What can they see?

Students will only see their Homebase class in Seesaw at this time. There they will be able to access their Remote Learning Plan, via the Student Announcements tab. They will also submit completed assignments to their teachers, via the activity stream for teacher feedback. As we continue to implement Seesaw across the Lower School, you will begin to see Special area classes pop up in the Seesaw drop-down menu.

Submitting an Assignment to Seesaw

Students will complete their daily assignments provided by their teacher in their Remote Learning Plan. Once their assignments are completed they will follow the steps below to submit a picture of their work.

Navigate to the Homebase class ex. GR 4 H.B. - 4AF Tap the activities tab and locate the activity that corresponds to the date you are posting for Example: The writing assignment for April 13 with be added to the activity named: Monday April 13 - Writing

<<screenshot of activity>> To submit a response or turn in an assignment, Click the "Add Response" button Select an option for what type of work to submit ex. Photo, Note, Drawing, Video, Link or Upload a file Click the green check mark to submit work when completed

Here are some video examples on submitting an assignment using an iPad or a Chromebook/Laptop

Approval and Comments

After submitting your response you will await your teachers approval and comments! Teachers will be accepting student work as soon as possible but will not be providing comments right away.